Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shut Up and Eat

(Second Review -- October 2012)

(NOTE: Shut Up and Eat has now gone brick-and-mortar! John traded his cart in for a storefront at the corner of SE 39th and Gladstone)

Shut Up and Eat is a sandwich food cart located at the A La Carts food pod in Southeast Portland, Oregon. They serve huge Italian comfort food in the form of hoagie-style sandwiches. SU&E will also run frequent specials. The portion size is not for the meek!

As a food cart in 2011, but now this place has gone brick-and-mortar!

I arrived on a Friday afternoon, in between lunch and dinner hours. There weren't many people at this food pod, but based on what I saw on the menu, several items had sold out, including their special.

I went with their Broad St. Bomber ($8): a cheesesteak of chipped beef, fried onions, cheddar cheese, and provolone cheese. I also got both hot and sweet peppers for my sandwich.

Broad St. Bomber (Shut Up and Eat)
It's huge folks....
The tender, juicy chipped beef contrasted well with the cooked (yet crunchy) onions and peppers. The sandwich had a lovely peppery bite, something I crave that not all dishes have. One could argue it's a bit misleading to call it fried onions (it's not like deep-fried onion rings or onion strips). The hot and sweet peppers gave a nice pleasurable zip here. Finally, the melted cheddar and provolone brought it full-circle. A great cheesesteak.

I'm not sure if Shut Up and Eat uses an Amoroso bun for their Broad St. Bomber. If it wasn't Amoroso, I think they came pretty close. The bun was firm enough to hold all the meat, cheese, onions, and peppers, but showcased its soft side when picking the sandwich up and taking those magical bites.

I could have still used some hot sauce on this cheesesteak. But otherwise, it's a tremendous deal here. Eight bucks for a tasty sandwich the size of a winnebago. Yeah, I'll shut up and eat that any day.

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