Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stepping Stone Cafe (Part 2)

(Original Review -- May 2011)
(There's also an epilogue to this, posted May 2012)

A friend and I went back to Stepping Stone Cafe about two weeks ago. I was craving one of Stepping Stone's signature items...the mancakes!

My friend got a coffee ($2) and we split one Stepping Stone's seasonal pumpkin mancakes ($5, so $7 total). Figured eating half of one would be a good appetizer for me, as we planned to hit up the Portland food carts after that.

Pumpkin mancakes...only served during late September through late October

Pumpkin Mancake (Stepping Stone Cafe)
The mancake was decent, nice pumpkin flavor without overwhelming the palate. It really is a massive pancake that hangs off the edge of the plate. Adding just a touch of maple syrup to each bite, I ate my half in about a minute. Unfortunately, I also thought the mancake was a bit chewy and rubbery, not as airy and fluffy as I probably could make it.

With my appetite, I could easily scarf one down, probably two. Three (to get on their Wall of Shame) might be a stretch, but who knows, if I go loopy one day, I just might try it.

(UPDATE: I did try it in April 2012 and managed to finish all three! Here's the video!)

More importantly, while the place was fairly busy when we arrived, we found the service was not really up to par here. No server refilled our tiny water glasses and they didn't care to check how we were doing. It was also a chore to flag a server down real fast to take our order and just as much a task to get the check. I don't expect them to pamper us, but at least acknowledge that we're there. After all, we're giving them our hard-earned money in exchange for quality service and food.

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