Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flavour Spot

Flavour Spot, home of "Portland's Original Waffle Sandwich," has two locations in Portland, Oregon: on Fremont (corner of N Mississippi and Fremont), and on Lombard (on N Lombard between Denver and Greeley). For purposes of this entry, I'm focusing on their Fremont location.

Flavour Spot also had a location in downtown Portland, but decided to close that cart last month because of inconsistent sales.

Menu (as of October 2011)
I went with one of Flavour Spot's most popular waffles: their 7" waffle with pork sausage and maple spread ($4.75). A 7" waffle is cooked to a beautiful golden brown, then slathered with 100% pure organic maple spread. Two cooked pork sausage patties are added to the mix, then the waffle is folded in half. Voila, a sweet and salty waffle sandwich!

Sausage and Maple waffle sandwich (Flavour Spot)
Yes, it's something that may not appeal to all people, but I enjoyed it. The saltiness of the pork sausage works well with the organic maple spread. It's basically why fried chicken and waffles is such a hit with people: human beings generally crave salty and sweet items, so why not put them together for that comforting feeling? A perfectly cooked waffle here; firm enough on the outside but soft on the inside. It's a very reasonable price at under $5.

Vegans and vegetarians can also experience this sausage/maple combination. Flavour Spot offers vegetarian and vegan sausages, and even vegan waffles.

For the meat-lover, try the MB9 ($6.50): six slices of Canadian bacon and three slices of "domestic" bacon, with 100% pure organic maple spread. Yes, all in a lovely waffle.

To appeal to the kid in all of us, try Flavour Spot's S'more Waffle ($3.75; mallow fluff and Nutella) or the Peanut Butter and Jelly waffle ($3.75; choice of creamy or chunky peanut butter, then grape jelly, organic strawberry jam, or raspberry jam). Flavour Spot also serves floats and ice cream as well!

Check out Flavour Spot and see why they are definitely Portland's Original Waffle Sandwich! 7.5/10

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