Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Rock House Grill (Part 2)

(UPDATE 4/14/13: More updated pictures added below!)

(UPDATE 10/14/12: Updated the post below to reflect a quantity food challenge Jimmy offers at Rock House Grill! Details below!)

(Original Review -- October 2011)

I returned to The Rock House Grill in early July, as I knew the (potentially) mammoth portions I'd receive here would satisfy my gluttonous appetite. It's still at the same corner of the Cartlandia food pod, next to "Ramy's Lamb Shack" and "Cake on a Hot Tin Roof."

Jimmy had some help in the cart this time, and the menu had expanded to include a few makeshift creations, some from customers.

EDIT: Here's an updated menu from April 2013. Not sure if the reader is able to see all the prices when clicking on the photo, but most of the prices appear to have increased.

Menu and prices as of April 13, 2013
I ordered the "Big Bad Ass Cop Burrito" ($9), created by Officer Ryan Mele. This giant burrito (roughly 9 inches long) includes sliced sirloin steak, ham, hashbrowns, eggs, cheddar, pepperjack, cholula hot sauce, jalapenos, onions, and bell peppers. I received a container of fresh chunky mild salsa on the side.

This was a delicious burrito that basically encased a boatload of cooked grated potatoes. There was a decent amount of ham and egg. The steak was cooked nicely, still fairly juicy, but I'd like to see just a bit more of it. The pepperjack and cheddar melted down well.

Big Bad Ass Cop Burrito
(Rock House Grill)
Unfortunately, I failed to notice any jalapenos, onions, or bell peppers in this one. Perhaps just an inadvertent oversight, as there is a Big Bad Ass breakfast burrito on the menu that doesn't have these three components in there. I'm stunned that I actually turned down a burrito that had bacon in it. Bad panda.

There are simply too many tasty options at The Rock House Grill to even remotely make a dent in the menu. Since the cart owners here seem to encourage custom orders, I have a few of my own that I'd like to try one day.

(UPDATE 10/14/12)
Jimmy has an immense food challenge at Rock House Grill, dubbed the "Goliath." Six steak burger patties, eight pieces of bacon, ham, eggs, hash browns, and five different cheeses join spinach, tomato, mayo, and onions on one of their nice-sized hoagie rolls. Finish it all in an hour, and you'll get a free shirt and your photo on his wall (or cart, I guess).

(UPDATE 4/13/13):

Here are some other gut-busting menu items! The Big Eaters Club in Portland is a big fan of this place. The "Apocalypse Now" burger they helped create is a ridiculous monstrosity.

The Goliath can also be a solo, 1-hour food challenge
(Photo taken April 13, 2013)
The mother of all burgers: "Apocalypse Now"
(Photo taken April 13, 2013)
"Apocalypse Now" Burger Challenge
(Photo taken April 13, 2013)
The Big Bad Ass Cop is still here!
(Photo taken April 13, 2013)
While I had a decent experience, who knows what the rating would have been if my Big Bad Ass Cop burrito had all the listed ingredients inside. 6.75/10

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