Tuesday, July 24, 2012

IKE Box (Part 2)

(Original Review -- January 2012)

I returned to IKE Box in late July after discovering they now served coffee from Sisters Coffee Company. As one might guess, it's locally made in Sisters, Oregon (Deschutes County). Plus, my sweet tooth came back and I wanted a snack. Sounds about right.

Coffee is one of many panda weaknesses. How convenient that some of my friends are right in the middle of taking that dreaded bar exam in the particular state they chose. It was my own bar exam experience from earlier this year that turned me into a caffeinated panda in the first place.

I walked in around 11:30 on a Monday, and I probably saw two or three customers the entire time. Not gonna complain, since that means room to sit and faster service at the counter.

IKE Box now offers several selections of Sisters Coffee, and being a big fan of dark roasts, I got a 12 oz. cup of the Black Butte Gold ($1.50). Just as advertised, it had a pleasing, rich, full-bodied feel. Excellently prepared.

But wait! They had these s'mores treats in rice krispies form -- but using what I believe was Golden Grahams cereal instead (or a generic brand, not sure). Mini chocolate chips are scattered throughout this one, while partially melted marshmallows (some melted all the way, others still intact) held everything together. Although it would have been better fresh (it had been sitting in the display case for some time, I'd guess), it cured my sweet tooth just fine. And there's nothing wrong with intact room temperature chocolate chips. Unless you want to see a messy panda.

S'mores treat and 12 oz. coffee
(IKE Box)
Unfortunately, my camera decided to take blurry pics of my snack
A cheerful, positive person ran the register. Always nice to see that. My rating stays the same for now. 7.5/10

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