Monday, July 2, 2012

Break Point Coffee Company

Break Point Coffee Company is located at the corner of Commercial St. SE and Owens St. in Salem, Oregon. After hearing and reading several positive reviews on this place, I decided to check it out late last month for lunch.

The inside has a vintage feel to it, right down to the tables and chairs. It's not usually my first choice on decor or ambiance, but the cheerful staff more than made up for that. I was also delighted to find out that one of the workers (Summer) follows my blog and my Facebook. I guess after doing this for over a year in Oregon -- plus getting stupid/silly on YouTube videos -- you're bound to be noticed in a lot of places.

I started with a tall cup of coffee, a house blend with a darker roast aura to it. This panda loves a bold, strong, dark-roasted coffee, and this one was pretty darn good. Maybe I'd want it a bit stronger, but then again, I'm one abnormal person that would probably singlehandedly keep Salem weird. There's a full espresso bar, if you want a nice caffeine fix.

I ordered the Kimmie's Chicken Caesar Panini ($7.95). Rounded toasted foccacia encased grilled chicken, Caesar dressing, provolone, tomatoes, and bacon. No Romaine lettuce here, apparently, although I'm sure I could have added it if I so chose. After all, this was gonna get toasted up, so warm lettuce probably isn't ideal.

Kimmie's Chicken Caesar Panini
(Break Point Coffee Company)
It was a darn good sandwich, foccacia being a fine bread choice for a panini. It was warm to the touch, with that pleasing crunchy exterior. Admittedly, the starch couldn't contain the yummy goodness that sandwich possessed. Also, the bacon looked rather small and appeared to resemble something similar to microwaved meat crack. Overall, I can't complain about the meal. The sandwich was delicious, the accompanying chips were crunchy, and the dill pickle spear is simply an auto win. FYI, you can thank my mom for making me a dill pickle lover.

You can make your own sandwiches or paninis, if you like to get creative. A nice touch that caters to the customer's preferences.

Break Point sells at least five types of 5 oz. cookies, which are certainly larger than your average circular treat. They also have various other cookies and pastries that would be ideal for a sugary breakfast pit stop. Finally, the cakes here are roughly six layers tall. Basically, a small slice would be enough for the average person, but don't be surprised if a sugary panda goes on a cake bender and orders more. Just the sweets in this place could make an epic food video!

(chocolate chunk, peanut butter, cranberry crunch, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle)
Got cake?
Another note: they sell gluten-free cakeballs, smartly isolated away from the gluten-filled products.

This is a pretty good place to go. It's not epic mind-blowing, but it's clearly more than just A-OK. And that's still a good thing. Head on over and try this place out! 7.5/10

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