Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Court St. Dairy Lunch (Part 2)

(Original Review -- May 2011)

I figured that my previous visit to Court St. Dairy Lunch was nowhere close to the best they can give me. And since I'm really more of a breakfast person, I wanted to get a dang good breakfast item from them. I stopped by on a Monday after a much-needed haircut. I hoped to receive a nice, filling meal.

The inside hadn't changed since my previous experience last year. It still had this antiquated feel, especially with all the pictures and articles showcasing the restaurant's history. In particular, I got drawn to a local newspaper advertisement from many moons ago, showing Court St. Dairy Lunch moving to their still-current location.

I also saw a sign in the window: Chef Brian was back in the CSDL kitchen. I knew then I didn't have to ponder what to get.

I got a full order of "Brian's Mess" ($8.95): it starts with a bunch of soft, chunky cottage fried potatoes, browned up well on the outside. Add some sauteed onions and bell peppers, then two scrambled eggs. Can't forget the meat! Stick some diced ham, sausage, and bacon in there. Oh, and then you get the sexy food porn shot with the melted cheese. Didn't have to tell me twice to start eating.

If ordering "Brian's Mess," just get the full order for $1.70 more
"Brian's Mess"
(Court St. Dairy Lunch)

Perfectly cooked potatoes and a good portion of meat. While the vegetables add extra flavor, it's the melted cheese that unites everything together. It'd be a bit of a challenge, but I'd attempt to eat two full orders. Well, if someone else helps pay the bill. I'm not a rich panda. Really, I'm not. Merely a foolish, gluttonous panda who gets suckered into eating just about anything edible.

The omelets and pancakes sound awesome here as well. It looks like I've found another nice breakfast spot after all. I'll try to come back for the omelets and pancakes. 8/10

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