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Fishbox is a food cart located at the Good Food Here pod (SE 43rd and Belmont) in Portland, Oregon. Dustin and Angie are the owners here. Food Carts Portland mentions that this cart has been Dustin's idea for nearly 10 years.

(Picture from Food Carts Portland)
This white van is parked in the back of the pod, next to Honey Pot Bakery. I had eyed this cart since the Food Carts Portland write-up, yet never got around to it until now.

Even though it still hadn't been a week since my moronic taco bender in Salem, fish tacos still sounded great to me. And even though this cart is more than a taco truck, I find tacos to be that awesome, portable item that street food should be (even when there's multiple benches to sit at in this lot).

(July 2012)
You'll get three seared ahi tacos for $10 here. Shredded cabbage, red onions, and cilantro are tossed in a jalapeno vinaigrette, then packed in a flour tortilla. Two or three pieces of perfectly seared ahi get layered on, with queso fresco, green onions, and sriracha sour cream. Being a spicy food lover, I really loved the kick in this one. The sriracha sour cream's light creamy orange color is awesome and really makes this an appealing dish.

Seared Ahi Tacos

Excellent quality and cut of tuna. It was a vibrant, shiny magenta color, with no white "stringy" parts to it. A paper-thin sear to the tuna's exterior. Being a huge protein lover, I'd honestly like a few more slices in there, or at least have an option to get a "double" portion of fish in the tacos for a couple bucks more (something like that).

Beautiful tuna!
Normal people probably would feel pretty full after eating three of these. I'd just be getting started. People understandably wonder if I have a tapeworm or two in my system.

There are salmon tacos ($9 for three), an ahi tuna melt ($7), and a tasty-sounding wild salmon satay ($9). New England-style Clam chowder is sold on Fridays and Saturdays. And if you don't like fish, Dustin and Angie even have a chicken and sausage gumbo that they offer all the time.

For now, Fishbox's hours are Wed-Sun from noon to dark (probably somewhere around 8-9 p.m.). I love delicious, refreshing, healthy tacos, and Fishbox really came through for me. Head on over and try them out! 8.75/10

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