Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rose's Ice Cream

Rose's Ice Cream, located on NE 42nd Ave. in Portland, Oregon, has been around since 1950 (save for a few years in the 90s when the place briefly closed). While the place purportedly is known for their milkshakes, I came to this place for some ice cream.

The inside looks like something out of a vintage diner. Maybe I found it more attractive when I was about seven years old and screamed "Mommy! Daddy! Want ice cream now!" (Note: I dunno if that actually happened. But I do remember the days I ate Kona Coffee ice cream back in Hawaii.)

Letterboard menus hang on the walls, and display cases hold several large containers of ice cream. I'd say it's anywhere from 25-30 flavors.

Summer hours!

After a few minutes, I tried a scoop of the Kahlua Marble ice cream ($2.75). It starts with a caramel ice cream base, then chocolate and kahlua are added. You'll get the coffee flavor without the alcohol. The flavors were great. If you're a mocha fan like me, I'm sure you'll enjoy this choice.

Kahlua Marble ice cream
(Rose's Ice Cream)
In fact, Kahlua Marble is one of the more popular flavors, along with Cherry Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, and virtually any chocolate option. The Licorice ice cream is a hit with the older crowd.

I could see my server having a mini adventure forming that giant, softball-sized scoop. Sure enough, I found the ice cream a bit on the firm side for me. Ice cream at Rose's contains 14% butterfat, although I'm sure the average Joe or Jane will just say "gimme my delicious ice cream." Rose's will also have lactose-free and sugar-free options as well.

My server did a good job and had a quick, informative response on how the kahlua marble ice cream was made.

For me, it was a ho-hum first experience. Nothing bad, yet nothing blew me away. Looking at their official website, I like that they use fresh ingredients for their non-ice cream choices. The burgers use fresh local ground chuck, and they even make their own burger sauce, stamping their name on it. If a milkshake bender hits the panda one day, I'll be sure to keep Rose's Ice Cream in mind. 6/10

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