Monday, July 30, 2012

OregonMania II: Quick Reflection

So another OregonMania is in the books. Naader Reda came up for a weekend of eating, and again, it was a real treat to watch such epic food destruction. While I'm pretty sure I learned my lesson on not delving too far into the quantity food challenge category, I learned I can speed-eat a huge doughnut and entertain a small crowd. Score a small victory for this spicy panda.

I'll post a three-part recap (one post per day) about OregonMania II sometime next month. Also look for a couple more food reviews to come out over the next couple of weeks.

EDIT @ 1:30 p.m.: Big thanks to Michael Russell for giving Naader and I a huge shoutout in the Oregonian! Linking to my blog was a bonus. Naader did the work, while I mostly stood back and enjoyed the food gluttony -- or looked like a fool trying. Frankly, I really should stick to my spicy strengths. I have no problem giving Naader all the capacity challenges.

My OregonMania II recap will be a three-part series (one blog post covering each day). Look for it on this blog August 20-22!

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