Thursday, July 12, 2012

Juicing Natural

Juicing Natural is a booth that can be found at the Wednesday and Saturday markets in Salem, Oregon. If you're seeking a healthy option in the sea of all my ridiculous food noshing, you've found the right posting!

Busy on a sunny day!
The Fourth of July brought a lot of awesome sun, so it felt fitting to enjoy a nice smoothie while catching a few rays. This panda can't tan very well, but whatever. Gotta enjoy the great weather when you can in Oregon!

The guys here grow their own sugarcane (over five acres' worth!) in Fresno, California. They squeeze out the sugarcane juice on the spot with a cool-looking press machine.


Pressing that juice out!
Sugarcane actually has tremendous health benefits, which they detail on their official business website. Some benefits of sugarcane: (1) preventing or treating colds; (2) can be enjoyed by diabetics (still should limit for type 2 diabetics); (3) quickly hydrating the body; and (4) good for digestion.

I got a strawberry and banana smoothie ($5.50). One of the guys said he had leftover mango and strawberry smoothie from the previous order, so I just let him toss that in as well. I really enjoyed the refreshing nature this drink had. It was blended well so I didn't have to deal with awkward ice chunks. The sugarcane juice adds a little more sweetness, yet the fruit remains the star. $5.50 seems a bit steep for me to pay for a smoothie, but at least I know it's all fresh, natural stuff going in there. Figure if I had a money tree, I wouldn't mind tanking a few cups of this while lying in a hammock in some kickass backyard.

Mango, strawberry, and banana smoothie
(Juicing Natural)
You can also get fresh sugarcane juice, adding ginger, lemon, lime, and fresh mint to it. I haven't tried it, but it sounds like another refreshing drink with a bit of zing and bite. Check this drink and smoothie booth out! 8/10

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