Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reduced Posting; OregonMania II

I'll be taking a brief hiatus again from my blog posting. Recently, I came down with a horrible stomach flu that left me mostly bedridden for two days. I'm much better now, but the illness left me in a significantly weakened state. Needless to say, I've also been unable to get to the gym.

While I still have plans to continue my blog and eat great food with my friends, I will likely make future blog posts more a weekly endeavor for the foreseeable future (OregonMania II being the exception, see below). In a way, this should be a good thing. There will be no pressure to deliver daily postings, and I'm sure my body will thank me (I think it already has been).

In the meantime, I've still been jotting down great places to check out. Luckily, a number of food businesses open during the summer, especially those lovable Portland food carts. I've already spotted a few places I want to check out.

In related news, I look forward to meeting up with Naader Reda during his second OregonMania romp, which begins today and goes through Sunday (7/29). Like the first OregonMania, I plan to cover each day in separate blog posts -- all filled with new food challenges. Unfortunately, this time, I likely will not be participating in any food stunts due to my recent stomach flu. Look for these blog posts sometime in early August.

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