Friday, November 11, 2011

Curry Now

Curry Now is a food truck found in Seattle, Washington. Open Mondays through Saturdays for lunch (plus a Friday dinner spot), they serve various curries over jasmine rice, and can even put the curry in taco form if you wish! Curry Now can also vary the spice level on their curry for you, ranging from mild to extra spicy.

Curry Now at Starbucks HQ!

Menu (mid-October 2011)
Yes, they do curry tacos using roti bread!

I found Curry Now on a Wednesday at their Starbucks HQ location. I ordered their chicken curry, extra spicy, over white jasmine rice ($8). The chicken curry process starts with sauteeing boneless, skinless chicken with onions, garlic, and ginger. The curry is then topped with cilantro.

Immediately after I placed my order, the person taking my order looks back and tells the chef to cut up a habanero pepper. Oh yeah!

Chicken curry, extra spicy (Curry Now)
Check out those habanero pepper slivers!
I really liked this curry. It was both temperature-hot and spicy, the way I like pretty much any dish. The chicken was moist and the potatoes were extremely soft. It was spot-on with the seasoning if you like a good, honest curry. While I have had curries with even bolder flavor, that should not dissuade anyone from trying this place out.

The best part was undoubtedly the habanero for me. Just seeing cut-up slivers of habanero on top of my curry really made me a happy panda. If chicken curry is not for you, they also offer beef, shrimp, and vegetarian curry options. Appetizers include samosa rolls, cucumber salad, roti, and steamed Jasmine rice.

Check out Curry Now for a great curry experience! 8.5/10

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