Sunday, November 6, 2011

Top Pot Doughnuts

Top Pot Doughnuts was started by Mark and Michael Klebeck in 2002. Top Pot is a privately held corporation, with six cafes in the Puget Sound area and regarded by many people in the Pacific Northwest as the place to go for your doughnut fix. Top Pot's most popular items include the Glazed Old Fashioned doughnut, the apple fritter, and the maple bar. Top Pot also has a food truck, and I found their mobile unit in Renton, WA.

I ordered the Glazed Old Fashioned doughnut ($1.65). It was a delectable, uniquely designed doughnut. A slight crispiness on the outside with a moist, soft inside.

A bad picture, but those are just some of their doughnuts

The closeup shot that magnifies this doughnut a bit
Blurry, but I tried to capture the inside of the doughnut here
Top Pot knows how to make their doughnuts, that's for sure. The glaze wonderfully coated the doughnut like a blanket on a newborn baby. No glazed crumbly mess here (unlike glazed doughnuts I've had at other places). It was also quite balanced, being sweet but not overly so. Best of all, it was airy and light, not dense and unappetizing.

It seems only fitting that Top Pot's founders released a book of their best doughnut recipes in September 2011. It's already received rave reviews. The best part is that you don't need a deep fryer. Healthier doughnuts! Yes!

If there's anything to nitpick about, I checked Top Pot's website. All their doughnuts contain wheat, soy, dairy, and eggs. The doughnuts also are made in a facility that contains nuts. So it's not a place for the gluten intolerant, dairy-intolerant, etc., as far as doughnuts are concerned. But if  you got no dietary restrictions, look no further than Top Pot Doughnuts to cure that doughnut craving! 8.25/10

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