Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuscan Stone Pizza

Tuscan Stone Pizza is a food truck specializing in wood-fired pizza. Owners David Meyer and Jeff Meyer have been open for business since late March 2011 and now have two mobile units (one in Issaquah and one in Bellevue).

Now that I've been able to sample food trucks outside of Oregon, I'm seeing more and more mobile pizza trucks   with wood-fired igloo-shaped ovens attached to them. At Tuscan Stone, applewood is used, and the oven will cook your pie in approximately 90 seconds!

Gotta love pizza ovens like these!
Another shot of the wood-burning oven!
Menu (late October 2011)

I ordered a small Margherita pizza ($7.95, about $8.71 with tax): tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh Roma tomatoes, and fresh basil on their house-made dough. I'm guessing it was about eight to ten inches in diameter, perfect for one person (but being the nice guy I am, I split it with a friend).

Comes in a pizza box!
Margherita Pizza (Tuscan Stone Pizza)

Nice shot of the pizza's underside here
I loved that I could fold the slices "New York style" and eat it. The pizza had a nice balance of crunch and chewiness. Those leopard-like "black spots" on the underside of the pizza was just so appealing to me. The sauce was enjoyable, definitely on the sweeter side when comparing it to other pizza sauces I've had. The pizza was delicious with parmesan, red pepper flakes, and Tapatio hot sauce.

While the toppings were good, I would have liked more of each topping; they seemed to skimp on those ingredients -- at least for my pie. Also, the lack of brownness or slight char on the top didn't make this pizza as appealing as others I've had.

Tuscan Stone offers several pizzas. Whether you want it meaty or vegetarian, American or Italian-influenced, Tuscan Stone will have you covered. hit up Tuscan Stone and try their pizza...I'm sure at least a bunch of you will not believe it came from a food truck! 6/10

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