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Bigfood is a food truck located in Seattle, Washington. At the time of this post, they are only open on Tuesdays (Starbucks HQ); Thursdays (South Lake Union at lunch, Wallingford at dinner); and Fridays (2nd and Pine for lunch, Wallingford for dinner). Bigfood's menu items are generally served on grilled flatbread.

Bigfood at Starbucks HQ (Seattle, WA)

Menu (as of mid-October 2011)
They use a flatscreen TV to describe the dishes!
I ordered the Sasquatch ($9), spicy pulled pork shoulder with green mango chutney and slaw on grilled flatbread. I also noticed Bigfood has three condiments to choose from: their "medium" sauce, their "hot" sauce, or sriracha. I tried their hot sauce on this visit.

I overheard the cart operators that the Sasquatch was selling very well the day I visited. It normally accounts for about 10 percent of their sales, but orders had been rolling in (in fact, the person behind me also ordered a Sasquatch).

Sasquatch (Bigfood)

I enjoyed the juiciness and seasoning on the shredded pork, nothing overpowering here. It worked well with the sweetness of the mango chutney and slaw. The flatbread was grilled perfectly, just amazing grill marks while retaining that soft, pliable texture. I wouldn't have minded just a bit more flavor and spice on the pork here. Also, the "hot" sauce was not very spicy to me. Regardless, a relatively successful dish in my eye.

Other Bigfood menu items include:

Yeti ($9): Braised beef with curried fruit and slaw on grilled flatbread
Redwood ($9): Paneer with red onion, pineapple, and cilantro sauce on grilled flatbread (vegetarian)
Sequoia ($9): Pulled chicken with tomato chutney and cilantro sriracha sauce on grilled flatbread

Customers can get an extra order of grilled flatbread for $2. And for the children, Bigfood offers the "Littlefood" ($6): fresh grilled cheesy flatbread with or without meat of choice, carrot sticks, and a juice box.

Bigfood brings wonderful gourmet flatbread sandwiches to the streets of Seattle! Check them out if you're in the area! 7.5/10

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