Sunday, November 27, 2011

Street Treats

Street Treats is a dessert food truck based in Seattle, Washington. They generally are out on the streets just three days a week (Wednesday at Starbucks HQ, Thursday in Queen Anne, and Friday in South Lake Union), but likely also do a bunch of private functions.

Street Treats specializes in cookies, brownies, bars, ice cream, coffee, and, of course, the chance to make your own ice cream sandwich. With several types of cookies and ice creams to choose from, the combinations are too numerous to mention on this blog entry.

I went with a friend and got two ice cream sandwiches to share: snickerdoodle cookie and coffee ice cream, and chocolate chip cookie with vanilla bean ice cream. Each sandwich was $5.

Snickerdoodle + Coffee ice cream sandwich (Street Treats)

Chocolate Chip + Vanilla Bean ice cream sandwich (Street Treats)
Some of the best ice cream sandwiches I've ever had here. Both the snickerdoodle and the chocolate chip cookie were excellent. Each had the ideal chewiness for an ice cream sandwich. Both ice creams were also at the perfect consistency for sandwiches; it was hard enough for a sandwich, but also soft enough to ensure you're not biting into a dessert brick. The combination of cinnamon and coffee awakens you in more ways than one. And hey, can we get any more classic a combination than chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream? I doubt it. This is a perfect summer treat, and I'm sure foodies like me -- as well as those people with the sweet tooth -- will still nosh away on these even in chilly weather.

Probably the one thing I would have for a concern is the price. $5 does seem a tad pricey for an ice cream sandwich (and $10 for two), but in this case, it was worth it. Check out Street Treats and get yourself an ice cream sandwich pronto! 8.75/10

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