Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jimmy's on Broadway

Jimmy's on Broadway is a restaurant and bar located adjacent to the Silver Cloud Inn Hotel on Broadway (Seattle, WA). Located across the street from Seattle University, Jimmy's serves up stunning meals at all times of the day -- then finish the night off with a great cocktail!

The interior of the restaurant is amazing; you feel like you've really hit the big time with such elegance!

Jimmy's offers a Classic Pancake Stack ($10): a large stack of fluffy pancakes, served with butter, syrup, and choice of bacon, ham, or apple sausage. On this trip, I opted to just sample the pancakes.

Pancakes with some maple syrup poured on it
I enjoyed the pancakes. Nice and fluffy as advertised, and the thick syrup rounds out this classic breakfast item.

On my last night in Seattle, I came back from a great night out and sought a good cocktail. The bartender/mixologist recommended the White Cosmo ($8), a special martini made with Stoli Cranberi Vodka, triple sec, white cranberry juice, and muddled limes, topped with three whole cranberries

White Cosmo (Jimmy's on Broadway)

I rarely drink alcohol, but I figured "why not?" for the experience. The White Cosmo was refreshing, and I feared that the combination of tangy/sour ingredients (cranberry juice, limes, cranberry vodka, etc.) would make the drink too sour for me. Instead, a surprising balance of sour and sweet hit the taste buds. I also enjoyed the light pulpy texture from the muddled limes. I'm not too high on the pricey nature of these cocktails ($8, really?), which is why I basically shun alcohol 99% of the time.

While I was scheduled to leave Seattle the next day, I had one more breakfast at Jimmy's. I went with the Egg White Frittata ($11): fresh-cut mushrooms, asparagus, onions, vine-ripe tomatoes, whisked egg whites, and cheese, served with fresh fruit. I also ordered a blueberry muffin to go ($5.50)

Egg White Frittata w/Fresh Fruit (Jimmy's on Broadway)

Blueberry Muffin

A lovely presentation here. The frittata was cooked beautifully; the vegetables appeared to peer out from the blanket of cheese, creating a circular colorful masterpiece. The chef sliced the fresh fruit with a special knife (or other cutting tool) to create zigzag cuts -- either that, or that's one extremely talented chef wielding a knife.

I also received a good blueberry muffin. It retained good moisture, with what I felt was the proper ratio of blueberries throughout.

Yes, Jimmy's is an elegant restaurant and it's likely not a place where one would be a regular, but virtually all their menu items are well on the pricey side, and that would preclude me from coming back as often as I would (as compared to other great places I've eaten at). But especially if you're on a business trip and wish to stay close to downtown Seattle, look no further than the Silver Cloud Inn hotel and its adjacent restaurant, Jimmy's! 7.25/10

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