Sunday, November 20, 2011

Give Pizza a Chance

Give Pizza a Chance (GPAC), located near the corner of SW 5th and Stark in downtown Portland, Oregon, serves up various types of artisan pizza. Around since early summer 2008, GPAC is committed to serving quality food at reasonable prices. They also use organic or locally sourced ingredients for their toppings, dough, and sodas.

The cart owners are also environmentally conscious, using reusable baskets and biodegradable containers. Also, sodas are half-price when bringing your own cup!

A picture I took from the Internet...I goofed and forgot to snap a photo of the cart

Menu (late October 2011)
Slices of pizza at GPAC range from $2.50 to $4. GPAC runs a couple of weekly pizza specials, and those slices will typically be $4.

While I usually get a more traditional pizza, both pizza specials the week I went caught my attention: Chanterelle Chevre or "The Boss" (sausage, red onions, Feta, basil). Both were $4 a slice.

Specials (week of 10/24/11 to 10/28/11)
Chanterelle Chevre pizza!
I went with the Chanterelle Chevre this week. Basically, chanterelle mushrooms and chevre (goat cheese) on a pizza. My slice went into the oven for a few minutes to heat up. The result: a lovely slice of pizza!

Chanterelle Chevre pizza (Give Pizza a Chance)
The dough is comprised of half white flour and half whole wheat flour, and its preparation might have resulted in one of the best crusts I've had on a pizza. The crust was firm and crunchy, yet retained its chewiness. The sweetness of the pizza sauce balanced well with the perfectly melted goat cheese. The rich, earthy Chanterelles finished off this foodgasmic experience. It took some effort to not go back to the counter and buy the whole damn pie. Just top-notch seasoning all around.

Ever see those TV spots where a person bites into the pizza and pulls back slowly so you can capture that stringy cheese epic moment? Yeah, that happened here -- multiple times.

GPAC also sells breadsticks (three for $1.50) if you want more food to accompany your slice of pizza .

Yup, apparently, these are breadsticks....
For some amazing pizza, hit up Give Pizza a Chance in downtown Portland! The constant (and delicious) specials they run boost this into the rarefied 9+ rating category. Whether you want one slice or a whole pie, you'll be glad to give this pizza a chance! 9/10

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