Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Marination is a Hawaiian/Korean fusion food truck located in Seattle, Washington. They are best known for their tacos, sliders, and kimchi rice bowls.

Their brick-and-mortar restaurant on Harvard Ave. is open every day, but they also have a food truck that stops at select spots in Seattle six days a week.

One of the signature items at Marination is their "Nunya Sauce," a Korean-influenced sauce made with gochujang, mayonnaise, garlic, onions, and several secret spices. Yup, "Nunya Sauce" -- as in "nunya bidness." Marination makes gallons of Nunya sauce for customers, even allowing the public to buy bottles of this prized condiment. Unfortunately, on my visit, they didn't have any Nunya Sauce.

No "Nunya Sauce" this week....

I ordered a miso ginger chicken taco and a spicy pork taco ($2.25 each; $4.50 total). Each taco starts with two 4" corn tortillas, adding the meat of your choosing, topped with their Nunya Sauce, and their house-made tangy slaw. The tacos came with a small lime wedge and some pickled jalapenos.

Miso Ginger Taco (left) and Spicy Pork Taco (right)
The pork was marinated well and had a nice hint of spice. The chicken wasn't bad, but I expected a bit more flavor (considering miso and ginger were involved).

The slaw was also OK. It seemed like just a bit too much was put on each taco. Either that, or I would have liked more meat. It's a meat/poultry taco topped with slaw, not a slaw taco with a side of meat/poultry.

The absence of the Nunya Sauce made a huge difference. Each taco could have really used the Nunya Sauce for extra flavor and presentation. Perhaps next time, I'll be able to try the sauce and get a true taste of what the food is like.

Marination's kimchi rice bowl (complete with a fried egg on top) is $5.50, but you can add any meat to the rice bowl for an extra $1.50. You can also get kalua pork sliders or spam sliders (yup, that infamous canned meat!) for $2.25 each. Marination also runs several specials, so customers (especially the regulars) will be able to try new items if they so choose.

Not a bad first experience here. I can see the potential the meal has with the Nunya Sauce included. 6/10

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