Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lumpia World

Lumpia World is a food truck that can be found at one of several locations in Seattle, Washington (depending on the day). As the name implies, they are known for their lumpia (similar to fried spring rolls), but their soba soups (steamed yakisoba noodles in their signature soy sauce broth and choice of toppings) are also very popular, especially during the colder months.

Menu (as of mid-October 2011)
One of their $5 soba dishes (on display at the counter)
Their $6 Lumpia Combo (four lumpia of your choice + rice)
(on display at the counter)
Turon lumpia (saba banana filling) w/chocolate sauce and powdered sugar
(on display at the counter)
I ordered two of their lumpia (one ginger pork and one Turon banana lumpia with caramel and powdered sugar) ($2.50). They even threw in an extra lumpia -- their ground steak lumpia -- at no extra charge.

One ginger pork lumpia and one ground steak lumpia
(Lumpia World)
Their three sauces (hoisin/peanut blend; sweet chili; and chili pepper water)
Turon (Saba Banana) lumpia w/caramel sauce and powdered sugar
All three lumpia I received were crispy, fried perfectly, and not overly greasy. I also thought it was nice of them to give me an extra lumpia at no charge. The Turon lumpia was very nice, not too sweet. A very reasonable price to get three lumpia for $2.50. I liked all the dipping sauces, but preferred the hoisin/peanut one over the other two. I'd like to see what other types of lumpia they can offer.

For $5, they serve a very generous portion of soba noodle soup. You can get tofu (vegetarian option), baked chicken breast, spam, or crab. Free toppings include chopped green onions, sesame oil, and sambal (chili garlic sauce). Some good food here, folks! 7/10

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