Monday, November 14, 2011

Molly Moon's

Molly Moon's is a local ice cream parlor, with five shops located in Seattle, Washington. In June 2010, they started roaming the streets of Seattle with their own mobile scoop shop. On this trip, I went to their Capitol Hill shop on E Pine St.

Molly Moon Neitzel opened her first ice cream shop in Wallingford in 2008. Four more shops and a mobile food truck soon followed. Molly almost exclusively uses Pacific Northwest ingredients and sources, even getting the dairy products from local healthy Western Washington cows. Molly may also obtain great produce from Northern California, such as blood oranges and Meyer lemons.

In late October 2011, viewers of KING5, a television station in Seattle, voted Molly Moon's their favorite ice cream in Western Washington!

Molly Moon's (Capitol Hill location)

Pints of Molly Moon's ice cream!
Menu on 10/19/11 (everyday flavors and seasonal flavors!)
I love the fall seasonal flavors!
Menu on 10/19/11
(Prices and toppings)
I was told that you can order up to two flavors in a single scoop, so I went with their maple walnut ice cream and their spice cider sorbet (the latter being a fall seasonal flavor). I paid $3.78 (this is including tax).

This was a great combination to get. For the maple walnut, the maple flavor immediately came out on the vanilla ice cream base. I appreciated the large chunks of walnuts in the ice cream, although I think chopping the walnuts into smaller pieces (allowing for more nuts in each bite) is the better way to go.

Spiced Cider sorbet (back left); Maple Walnut ice cream (right)
(Molly Moon's)
Walnut chunks in the ice cream!
On the spiced cider sorbet, I loved the "apple-y" and spicy blast in this one. It's a light (and I assume dairy-free) option that refreshed the palate and very fall-appropriate.

I tried some of Molly Moon's other flavors here, including:

Theo Chocolate: Using chocolate from a local chocolate supplier, this rich, creamy.delight is definitely for the chocoholic!

Scout Mint: Comprised of peppermint ice cream and actual Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies (they literally buy hundreds of boxes), you'll get that pleasing minty blast here. A nice ratio of cookie crumbs to ice cream.

Earl Grey: Made by extracting Earl Grey tea and combining it with the usual ice cream base (I think it's vanilla ice cream), this one has a therapeutic feel to each bite!

Georgetown Porter: Another seasonal special, this was among my favorites (and was also my server's favorite). This is also a rich, creamy ice cream, and the Porter beer really shines through here.

Molly Moon's most popular flavor is the salted caramel ice cream, and while I didn't try their version on my visit, I say you can't go wrong with that choice. One of the most popular flavor combinations at Molly Moon's is Salted Caramel + Theo Chocolate. Doesn't that sound epic?

Unfortunately, Molly Moon's doesn't ship their ice cream, citing "locavore ethics." But if you're in the Seattle area, check out Molly Moon's food truck or any of their five ice cream shops for a great ice cream experience! 8.5/10

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