Friday, November 25, 2011

Damiana's Blue Truck Special

Damiana's Blue Truck Special is a food truck located in Seattle, Washington. You can either find them downtown at 2nd and Pine (Wednesdays), or in West Seattle at 37th and Alaska SW on Fridays. They are a comfort-food food truck, mainly serving tasty sandwiches.

Menu at the Seattle Center Mobile Feast (10/29/11)
I got the Fried Bologna sandwich ($6): grilled mortadella, dijon mustard, orange marmalade, and arugula on a pub roll. Basically, mortadella is the Italian version of our American bologna.

Fried "Bologna" Sandwich (Damiana's Blue Truck Special)
The grilled mortadella was outstanding. Simply cooking that meat on the flattop releases so much flavor and intensifies the experience a hundredfold. The bread was also toasted beautifully...soft, yet crunchy. The bite of the dijon and arugula was great, but it was the sweetness from the orange marmalade that provided the "wow" factor here. Probably the only thing I would have wanted was a larger portion -- both in overall sandwich and mortadella. One of those sandwiches is no match for my voracious appetite.

One of their other bestselling items is the "Jersey Boy," a sub roll filled with capicola, soppressata, salami, provolone, tomato, shaved iceberg lettuce, pepperoncini, mayo, and red wine vin.

While I had to wait a little bit for my food (since it's cooked to order), it's well worth the wait! Check out Damiana's and get a great sandwich ASAP! 8.25/10

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