Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sneaky Kitty

(Update on 12/11/11: Sneaky Kitty is closed until spring 2012)

Sneaky Kitty is located at the corner of SE 52nd and Foster in Portland, Oregon. It's easy to spot this place...since it's the only cart I know of right now that operates out of a 1971 Volkswagen van. And yes, the van is still operable as a motorized vehicle.

Sneaky Kitty is actually a vegan Thai food cart with a fairly limited menu -- but duh, they're cooking out of a Volkswagen, for Pete's sake!

I ordered the Redeye Red Curry ($6): "marinated sliced beef style vegetable protein with fresh green beans, bamboo shoots, and bell peppers sauteed in a creamy, spicy Thai coconut red curry sauce, then topped with fresh basil, served over rice."

Menu (as of mid-October 2011)
Redeye Red Curry (Sneaky Kitty)

I enjoyed the spice in this one. Even though I told the man to make it real spicy, it produced no more than a gentle wake-up kick to the taste buds. The "beef" substitute was sliced well and very tender, a much healthier option than its meaty counterpart. The bamboo shoots and bell peppers retained its vibrant colors and a bit of crunch...an excellent saute here. I also enjoyed the creamy red coconut curry sauce in this one...real good flavor. Basically a family recipe from a Thai grandmother...can't go wrong there!

The rice was a unique Jasmine rice blend (utilizing white, black, and purple rice), imparting a slight sweetness on the tongue. A very inviting dish in terms of appearance. However, I personally don't care for beds of rice on my plate. I'd rather have more of the actual curry than the starch any day.

Sneaky Kitty also offers a green curry (which uses green chilies instead of red), adding Chinese eggplant instead of bamboo shoots. Both curries are fairly mild in spice, but you can get it spicier if you want. their Delta Blues BBQ Tofu and the B-Complete (a stir-fry) are their other regular menu items. All entrees as of this post are $6, a very reasonable price.

For another $2, you can get Thai iced tea, Thai tea limeade, Nom Yen (rice milk with sala fruit syrup), or hot ginger tea with honey. As a note, sala fruit is native to Indonesia and produces a sweet, acidic taste.

Sneaky Kitty offers healthy Thai entrees and refreshing drinks! Check them out at 52nd and Foster...you can't miss their van! 7.25/10

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