Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Veraci Pizza

Veraci Pizza is a food stand based in Seattle, Washington, specializing in wood-fired pizza. They can be found at several Farmer's Markets in Washington, including Ballard, Crossroads, and Fremont. They also work many other public and private events.

Menu at Seattle Center  Mobile Feast (10/29/11)
I ordered a slice of their Spicy Tony pizza ($4.75): sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, a three-cheese blend, and their spicy red sauce on a thin crust (using their house-made dough). One of the employees took a generous slice and heated it up in their wood-fired oven, and in a couple of minutes, it was ready to devour.

Spicy Tony pizza (Veraci Pizza)
The first thing I noted was the enjoyable kick of the red pizza sauce. The melted stringy cheese provided one of those great food porn moments where you take that bite and pull away from the pizza slowly to show off how sexy gooey the cheese is. Nice, fresh toppings here. Most importantly, the crust was thin, yet very pliable after cooking. After all, I love to eat my pizza slices New York style (all folded up).

I had read a not-so-flattering review about Veraci Pizza's brick-and-mortar establishment from last December. One of the author's complaints was the crust being too brittle. On the other hand, that same author liked the pizza from Veraci's food truck/stand, so perhaps it could be attributed to who's working the oven on a certain day. All I know is I had a great experience here and look forward to getting more pizza from them in the future. 8.25/10

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