Monday, November 21, 2011

Snout & Co.

Snout & Co. is a food truck that can be found throughout various parts of Seattle, Washington. Regular spots include South Lake Union (SLU), Ballard, and the Wallingford "pod" on N 45th and Corliss. Owner Lee Scott brings "soul food from Cuba to South Carolina" straight to the mouths of happy customers!

Menu (late October 2011)

I ordered the "Seattle Cuban" ($7), a pressed sandwich with mojo pork (garlic-citrus marinade), red onion relish, and chimichurri mango sauce. I also added a little of their house-made spicy mango-papaya sauce that Snout offers as a condiment for their dishes.

"Really Hot Mango/Papaya Sauce"
Probably real hot for the meek, anyway
Seattle Cuban (Snout & Co.)

This was OK here. I liked that each flavor was able to have its own identity; no one item overpowered the other. The juicy, tender pork worked well with the bite of the red onion relish and the sweetness of the mango chimichurri. A perfectly pressed sandwich here, with the bread having that amazing crunch on the outside and a soft inside. The hot mango-papaya sauce was wonderful and had a slight kick. It wasn't very spicy for me, and next time I'd probably add more to my sandwich. For $7, it's a decent meal and a fairly successful sandwich, but I did expect more bold flavors here.

It was peak lunch hour, and while a few people stopped by for lunch, I would have expected a few more customers to drop by. Maybe it was just slow that day, who knows.

Other menu favorites include the Cuban Sandwich ($7), Cuban Bowl ($7.50), or their Picadillo (Cuban-style hash, $6.50). Perhaps I'll give those a go next time. Check out Snout's food for yourself, and perhaps you'll be a fan as well! 6.75/10

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