Thursday, November 10, 2011

Voula's Offshore Cafe

Voula's Offshore Cafe is located in the University District of Seattle, Washington. Established in 1944, Voula's was also featured on the hit Food Network show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" about four years ago. In fact, Voula's has sectioned off seven dishes titled "Guy Fieri's Choices."

Yup, Guy Fieri visited this place!

Menu cover
Guy Fieri's choices!
I ordered the Greek Hobo ($9.95): Greek sausage (sausage with lovely Mediterranean spices), onions, mushrooms, hash browns, and two eggs scrambled together, topped with Feta cheese. None of the packaged crumbly stuff here...this was freshly grated Feta! It's served with two pieces of toast (I got wheat).

As I sat at the counter, Voula Vlaho's two sons, Nikos and Sikey, prepared my feast!

Voula's two sons, Nikos and Sikey, cook the meals!

Hash browns! My scramble is being made in the top left corner of the photo!
Look at the bed of hash browns!
And no, that wasn't all for me...I'd die in a sea of potatoes if so

Greek Hobo (Voula's Offshore Cafe)
A myriad of hot sauces!
I was excited to see the freshly grated (and melted) Feta on top of the scramble. The saltiness of the cheese worked well with the sausage, onions, and mushrooms. Nothing was overpowering here; it was a balanced dish -- and a huge portion of food. I tried several of the hot sauces, especially if they said something like "habanero sauce" on the bottle. A comforting, hearty breakfast filled with carbs to start the day!

I must note that a ton of oil and/or clarified butter went into this dish, definitely more than I would have liked. But this is definitely one of those places to get a great "hungryman" breakfast!

The atmosphere is great here. The place has great lighting and is filled with Voula's regulars. A lot of playful joking here adds to the jovial environment. Guy Fieri really nailed it by highlighting Voula's on one of his Triple D episodes -- and I'm thankful, too. Otherwise, I would have never heard of this place. The other menu items look great as well, so check them out! 8.25/10

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