Sunday, November 13, 2011

Agua Verde Cafe & Paddle Club

Agua Verde Cafe & Paddle Club is located near the University of Washington campus, on NE Boat St. in Seattle, Washington. A few years ago, Rachael Ray visited this establishment on the Seattle episode of "$40 a Day."

Agua Verde is named after a bay in Baja California (Mexico). They specialize in various California-Mexican-fusion dishes, from tacos to tortas. Agua Verde prepares all their food and sauces from scratch on a daily basis. If dining inside, Agua Verde has three salsas in their salsa cart:

Salsa Verde: A "fresh, mild" salsa with tomatillo, cilantro, avocado, and onion
Chipotle: A "smoky, sweet" salsa with chipotle chile, tomatillo, cilantro, and onion
Diablito: A "hot and spicy" salsa with roasted jalapeno and tomato

Specials on 10/19/11
Part of their menu (mid-October 2011)

Ordering window outside

I ordered from their take-out window and got the Bagre tacos ($8.76): spicy grilled catfish, lettuce, salsa Mexicana, and creamy avocado sauce on corn tortillas. I received three tacos, a side of organic chips, and their Diablito (spicy) salsa.

Bagre (spicy grilled catfish tacos) with chips and salsa
(Agua Verde Cafe & Paddle Club)

I really loved the tacos. Some of the moistest catfish I've ever had. It practically disintegrated in my mouth as I happily ate each taco with gusto. The refreshing salsa worked well with the seasoned catfish, and the creamy avocado sauce brought it all together. It doesn't get too much better enjoying a great meal at this incredible location right on Portage Bay. I would have liked some spicier salsa, though.

Agua Verde also offers a great breakfast menu, from scrambles to picaditas (corn dough flat bowls filledwith eggs, black beans, salsa, and more). The dinner menu includes tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and quesadillas. Craving dessert? Look no further than Agua Verde's Key Lime Pie!

Check out Agua Verde for some great food and an amazing backdrop! 8.75/10

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