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Skillet is a food truck located in Seattle, Washington. They are also one of the few mobile food units to have a brick-and-mortar establishment as well (the "Diner" opened in early 2011). Chef Josh Henderson heads this culinary team responsible for bringing "bacon jam" to the Seattle area! Their usual food truck spots (as of now) are in Bellevue and Georgetown, but they also do many private functions throughout the year.

You'll notice Skillet...burgers and poutine have been served out of their (slightly-dented) silver trailer since 2007.

Yup, just a "slight" dent....

Hungry customers waiting near Ava Apartments!
I ordered "The Burger" and Poutine combo ($17). The burger includes a grass-fed beef patty, arugula, Skillet's famous "bacon jam," cambozola (a blue-brie cheese hybrid) on a brioche bun. Skillet's poutine consists of handcut fries, gravy, cheddar cheese, and herbs.

The Burger + Poutine (Skillet)

A few bites into the burger
I really loved the bacon jam here because it brought this savory, earthy nature to the burger. I personally felt the bacon jam was the star here. The bite of the cambozola and arugula worked here. Unfortunately, the patty was a bit overcooked on the outer sections (it was a very nice medium in the center). A quality brioche bun here, soft overall, but still firm enough to hold everything in place.

Regarding the poutine, it was very tasty. A rich, savory gravy coated the fries, although it looked like shredded cheddar was used instead of the white cheese curds I would associate with "traditional" poutine. Nonetheless, my friend was eating the poutine several houses later, even after the food had gotten cold. Talk about comfort food at its finest!

Good service here, with more people showing up for food than originally expected. On our visit, Skillet was in a sectioned-off construction area near an apartment complex. I guess people will do anything for burgers and poutine! I didn't think it was worth $17...perhaps a few bucks less and I'd consider eating here more often.

By the way, you can even buy Skillet's bacon jam in select stores around the U.S. and in Canada! Skillet also sells a "pumpkin sauce" and a "fennel and black pepper bacon spread." I think I died and went to Heaven seeing all that.

Skillet's "Diner" (their brick-and-mortar place) has even more items, including breakfast fare. While the menu may change a bit each week, there will be usual mainstays on there. For example, on Sundays, Skillet usually advertises Chicken and Waffles! Head to Skillet and try their delicious food ASAP! 7.75/10

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