Monday, January 2, 2012

Diamond Thai

Diamond Thai is a Thai food cart located at the Cartlandia food pod in Portland, Oregon. This was one of several carts that migrated to Cartlandia following the Green Castle food pod closure in October 2011.

I may not be a big noodle fan, but I'm a sucker for curries. This time, the mango curry with chicken ($5.75) called my name. Bamboo shoots, bell peppers, mango chunks, and basil leaves joined the sliced chicken in this one. A small container of rice accompanied my generous portion of curry. It's advertised as a green curry, but it appeared to take on pinkish hues. It's probably from ordering it spicy -- because you know I went there. I also saw some sliced chiles in there, either jalapenos or large serranos.

Menu (December 2011)

A nice portion of mango curry!
Chicken Mango Curry (Diamond Thai)
Might as well have some starch too
A delicious Thai curry. The coconut milk slightly thickened the curry a bit more for that comforting creamy texture. The mango was not overly ripe, possessing a tangy-sweet hybrid sensation. An abundance of the fruit made for a pleasant's a mango curry, after all. The bamboo shoots were cooked well, and the peppers still had some crunchiness to them. The menu mentioned this curry had cashew nuts, but I didn't see any in my helping.

I mentioned above that I requested my curry spicy. While I saw some red chili pepper flakes floating in there, I don't think it would have sent the average person running for the water fountain. Without breaking a sweat, I demolished the curry in under eight minutes.

You can get pork, beef, tofu, or shrimp (shrimp costing 25 cents more) instead of chicken. I don't think you can go wrong with any choice. Check out Diamond Thai today! 7.75/10

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