Friday, January 27, 2012

Wagsy's Hot Beef Sandwiches

Wagsy's Hot Beef Sandwiches is located near the corner of SW 5th and Oak in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Family is the strongest bond one will have in his or her life. To me, it's always a cool story when a parent and  child take a common interest and open a business together based on that shared link.

At Wagsy's, which opened in early January 2012, Kevin and his son, Eric, share their love for sandwiches with the public. "Wagsy" is Kevin's nickname, given to him by some of his good friends.

Wagsy's on January 3, 2012
The day before their grand opening!
Arriving at the cart in mid-January
Check them out online!
Menu (January 2012)
There are five sandwiches on the regular menu, each using a fresh Italian roll. Several sandwiches are named for various regions of the United States. I had the "Beef 'n Bourbon" sandwich ($6): thin slices of roast beef, chopped cabbage, and Wagsy's special BBQ sauce infused with premium Maker's Mark bourbon.

"Beef 'n Bourbon" Sandwich
(Wagsy's Hot Beef Sandwiches)
The large slices of roast beef are extremely tender and juicy. The fresh cabbage adds that contrasting crunchy element. The warm tangy/sweet BBQ sauce is a home run, and the bourbon shines through. The Italian roll is soft when biting into it, yet thick enough to encase the beef, sauce, and cabbage. A simple sandwich, yet so comforting.

If anything, I would have liked the bun toasted a bit more for that crunchy texture contrast against the beef.

I also received a plastic token for $1 off my next sandwich. I'm not sure how long that promotion is for. Perhaps it's limited to first-time visitors at the cart?

People have raved about the "Chi-Town Beef Dip" (a beef sandwich dipped in au jus) and the "Rip City" (roast beef and garlic butter sauteed mushrooms). Wagsy's also offers a vegetarian sandwich option. Basically, you can't go wrong here.

Starting on Feb. 6, Wagsy's will open at 8 a.m. on the weekdays to serve breakfast scramble platters (until 11). Until then, they are open on the weekdays for lunch, generally starting around 10 a.m. Check them out ASAP! 8/10

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