Sunday, January 8, 2012


(Part 2 -- July 2012)

IKE Box is a coffeehouse located at the corner of Chemeketa St. NE and Cottage in Salem, Oregon. Although I went to Willamette for three years of law school, I never stepped foot in this building once. I figured that had to change.

With a vast selection of drinks to choose from, a smiling female barista gladly helped me decide what to get. She highly recommended the Pumpkin Chai, blending pumpkin flavoring, milk, and chai, topped with a dash of pumpkin pie spices. Good for me! I took a small (12 oz.) cup to go ($3.40), opting for some nonfat milk.

An explosion of pumpkin flavor contained in a creamy drink. The frothy top suspended the pumpkin pie spices, almost making me want to dunk my face in there. Glad I didn't...the drink was still temperature-hot. Excess sweetness was my one concern on the drink. I enjoy sweet foods and drinks -- and this was an awesome Pumpkin Chai -- but maybe not to the point of drinking this all the time. I figure, though, with the number of options on the list, it would take me a few eons to get through the menu. And yes, they serve Allann Brothers coffee.

As far as food goes, they have pastries, quiches, bagels, burritos, and more. A recommended selection is the chicken burrito with chips and salsa.

Finally, IKE Box has lots of entertainment. Live music has played in their spacious ballroom-style dining area on a regular basis since December 2004. Check out IKE Box today!

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