Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taste of Burros and More

(Update on 2/4/12: I talked with Dominic a couple days ago, and he told me the new name of the cart will be "Taste of Burros and More")

Taste of Burros and More is located near the Waterfront, at the corner of SW Moody and Abernathy in Portland, Oregon. A Greek food journey that began in Sonoma, CA, has transformed into a Mexican food cart in SW Portland.

Taste of Burros and More opened in SW Portland around summer 2011, but business partners Jay and Dominic recently discovered the locals craved something more familiar. At the beginning of 2012 (January 4, to be exact), Taste of Burros and More officially 86'd the gyros for tacos and burritos. Jay said everything is made from scratch, even the steamed corn tortillas. The meats used are family recipes, around 50-60 years old. In all, just two main menu items, four types of meat, and various fillings/toppings (depending if you ordered a taco or burrito). It is a very simple menu, yet one sure to bring great business for this duo.

Before the cart overhaul (1/4/12)
February 2012...the "a Gyro" portion of the sign has been painted over
New menu (starting 1/4/12)
The menu in February 2012
Two-pound burritos!
Tacos (Al Pastor and Carnitas)
(Taste of Burros and More)
I tried two tacos ($3 -- that's $1.50 each), one al pastor and one carnitas. The handmade corn tortillas are delicate, amounting to a slight power struggle between man and food. Here, man ultimately triumphed. Both meats were juicy, and there's nothing like adding fresh cilantro, lime, and red onion to a taco.

Jay added a small helping of medium-spicy tomatillo sauce on the side. Good flavor, yet mild on my taste buds. Then again, anything short of a habanero is probably mild on this tongue.

The burrito ($5) will give you more meat, plus rice, beans, and cheese. It's a darn good deal that I'll have to try in the future.

2/4/12 update: On a random visit, I also saw churros on the menu ($1.50). A nice addition.

Taste of Burros and More will undergo a possible cart remodeling in the future. Jay is unsure when those changes will be finalized. In the meantime, head on over to Taste of Burros and More, and check out the new grub ASAP! 7/10

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