Sunday, January 8, 2012

Governor's Cup (Part 2)

I decided to try Governor's Cup again after feeling I was too harsh on them the first time. Yup, they still are located on State St. in downtown Salem, Oregon. First thing I noted: their sign (hanging outside) had changed from the last time I visited.

Bicycles on the wall?
Inside still felt the same: a largely dim atmosphere, with a few seats open. Bicycles hang on the walls...really? The counter boasted biscotti and several types of bagels. I arrived around lunchtime, and I'm not sure how long they had been sitting out. I elected to pass on food.

I had their small house coffee again ($1.50), opting for the 8 oz. cup. While I found it smooth, without a bitter aftertaste, they watered it down just a bit too much. Stronger coffee, stat!

Small coffee (Governor's Cup)
The good news is that I had a better experience this time -- thanks also in part to my caffeine addiction. The bad news: it's still an OK place at best. 4.5/10 (slight rating increase)

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