Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brass Tacks Sandwiches

Brass Tacks Sandwiches is located on N Vancouver Ave. in Portland, Oregon. Two friendly women run this place, serving up meaty sandwiches and vegan-filled sandwiches!

Just opened in 2011!

Ordering form, side 1
Ordering form, side 2
Yup, this is what I ordered!
The ordering process is similar to the Brunchbox food cart in downtown Portland: take a order card and a pen, mark your order, and hand it to the employees. I opted for the "Captain Nemo," their vegan meatball sub ($7.99). White bean meatballs, house-made marinara, garlic aioli, and basil chiffonade in a French roll. The sandwich came with a side of crunchy chips.

Vegan Meatball Sub with side of chips
(Brass Tacks Sandwiches)
The chips were crunchy, much like the Maui-style potato chips I constantly ate growing up in Hawaii.

Regarding the sandwich, it was OK. The vegan meatballs were seasoned well, but on the dense side and a little chewy. To be fair, the white beans have a chewier texture than actual meat anyway. The roll was also on the harder side. The roll did stay intact, and everything paired nicely with the house-made marinara. The creamy, garlicky hints from the aioli, coupled with the basil, resulted in that Italian garlic bread-meets-marinara killer combo.

I'd call this more of an average experience overall. In Yelp jargon, I'd be right on the precipice of being a fan. The flavors were enjoyable. I think the white-bean meatballs may have been packed a bit too tight when making them. Toasting the bread a bit could also work wonders. I love the healthy options presented here. Perhaps I'll be back to try something else. 6.75/10

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