Friday, January 13, 2012

Addy's Sandwich Bar (Part 2)

(2013 UPDATE: Addy's Sandwich Bar is going brick-and-mortar in the near future!)

(Original Review -- July 2011)

A new year brings new perspectives and many cart revisits. This time, Addy's Sandwich Bar (near SW 10th and Alder in downtown Portland) got its second chance. As with many of my early reviews, I really cracked down hard when I probably shouldn't have.

Arriving past noon on a Tuesday, a small line had formed in front of Addy's. For those that aren't aware, Addy Bittner, the cart owner, offers several types of sandwiches, some coming in baguettes and others in Kaiser rolls. Addy may do a combo (soup and a half-sandwich -- baguette sandwiches only) for about $6.

I opted for the Turkey Melt ($6.50): slices of real turkey (none of the processed cold cut meat), brie, and sweetened dried cranberries in a Kaiser bun. The entire sandwich is put in a toaster oven for the cheese to melt. Yeah, it took some time to prepare. My stomach was being one impatient dude, waiting for his prim and proper date (mmm...quality sandwich...) to get all fancied up.

This is what I shoulda gotten the last time. An amazing sandwich that gives me a bit of Thanksgiving with each bite. The sweetness and fruity qualities of the dried cranberry blend well with the turkey and the soft brie. The blanket of melted cheese is mild, so all ingredients can be fully appreciated. The toasted bun is a major win. So soft, yet a crunch soulfully pleasing to the ear. That should be a rule for sandwiches and burgers: "Thou shalt always toast the dang bun!"

This is a sandwich I would eat once a day and twice on Sunday. Wait...Addy's is closed on Sundays? So much for that idea. Anyway, I can finally give Addy's the big thumbs up! Awesome! 8.5/10

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