Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AND Cafe

AND Cafe is a small dive breakfast and lunch shop near the corner of SE 55th and E Burnside in Portland, Oregon. Ashley Arthur and Dan Harding (A 'n D...get it?), the owners of the successful vegan food cart "Off the Griddle," launched AND in mid-November 2011.

Menu (December 2011)

Breakfast menu (December 2011)

I ordered the "Bennie in a Mess" ($9), an organic poached egg (or you can get tofu instead), spinach, sliced tomato, and vegan hollandaise on a biscuit, sprinkled with green onions.

"Bennie in a Mess"
(AND Cafe)
Cut through that egg!
I cut into the lovely poached egg, which looked like it had poached in an egg mold or something -- because it was perfectly round, a cool-looking disc-shaped masterpiece. All I really needed was a cue to start some sexy porn music as the yolk oozed down this Bennie. The hollandaise resembled a gravy with acidic tones, using vegan butter, lemon, and other spices (and I believe they use gluten-free flour).

I'm not entirely sold on the biscuit (made at a local bakery) because it was dense and cakey in texture. It's a good choice to ensure that foundation doesn't collapse, though. Perhaps toasting the biscuit could work well here? I coulda put some Cholula hot sauce on there, but decided not to. Too busy enjoying the hollandaise.

The waffles and biscuit sandwiches are generally popular breakfast items, and I might try either (or both) next time. Ashley and Dan are great people to talk to...great service! Check out AND Cafe! 6.5/10

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