Sunday, January 1, 2012

Korean Twist

Korean Twist is a food cart located near the corner of SW 10th and Alder in downtown Portland, Oregon. They opened in early May 2010 and have garnered rave reviews for their delectable tacos and king-size burritos. Korean Twist really lives up to its name, fusing Korean flavors (the twist) inside Mexican street food.

Menu (December 2011)
I ordered the burrito ($5), choosing spicy chicken for my meat (you can also get bulgogi beef, spicy pork, or tofu). If it says "spicy," chances are very high that I'm getting it!

The burrito gets flooded with rice, various vegetables, cilantro, Korean sauce, and more. The food was prepared to order, and my burrito was ready within a few minutes. A friendly woman (the same one who took my order) basically handed me a hefty burrito that I told people was the size of a small house. So maybe it wasn't that big, but truthfully, it was an epic struggle to eat for its impressive girth.

Spicy Chicken Burrito (Korean Twist)
Now THIS is a burrito fit for my king-sized appetite!
A better shot of the chicken and the rice inside
I was hella hungry, so I searched for a place to try and scarf this down -- emphasis on the word "try." Unwrapping this Christmas present of a meal, I dove in with gusto. The first bite was euphoric, the blast of the Korean sauce coating the inside of my mouth. The fresh vegetables (which included lettuce, purple cabbage, and bean sprouts) provided a wonderful crunch. A very good amount of flavorful chicken in this one, and the perfectly cooked rice filled any remaining crevices in my stomach. Again, if I was alone, I woulda gone all uber competitive-eating style on this bad boy and made a complete mess of things. But I maintained just a tiny shred of dignity, using every last bit of napkin and cleaning up the scraps. Guess I shoulda asked for a fork. Oops.

Five bucks for this burrito? Seriously, bro? That's gotta be one of the best deals in town. Do yourself a favor and check Korean Twist out right away. Like...hop in your car, go downtown, fight for a parking spot, and run to this place. And if you already work or live near downtown Portland, I envy you. Damn, that was a killer burrito. And I still have to try the tacos (the taco combo is a mere $6). I need at least two more stomachs. 9.25/10

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