Saturday, January 7, 2012

Euro Dish

Euro Dish is a Polish food cart located near SW 10th and Alder in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Not being the most experienced with Polish food, I asked the older woman running the cart for a suggestion on what to order. She mentioned the Polish Plate ($8.75), since I'd be able to try four items on one plate: pierogies (a potato dumpling), bigos (traditional hunter's stew), a link of kielbasa, and golabek (stuffed cabbage with meat, rice, and seasonings) .

Bigos consists of various meats (usually beef, pork, and sausage) mixed with sauerkraut in tomato sauce. I thought the sauerkraut overpowered the other components here, but again, it was a well-cooked item. The kielbasa was fine in flavor, but I found the exterior (casing) a bit tough to cut through. Mustard on the kielbasa is always a win.

The pierogies were perfectly cooked, with a lovely mashed potato filling inside. The golabek was the winner on the plate for me. The cabbage had reduced to a softened blanket wrapped around meat and rice. A very hearty, filling dish. I think retaining more sauce (likely using a tomato-based sauce here) would have worked wonders. The meat and rice here seemed to scream..."where's my lovely saucy partner in crime?!" I wondered the same thing.

I think Euro Dish is a decent place to get your Polish food fix. Not mind-blowing in all areas, but still good. 6.5/10

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