Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kenny and Zuke's Sandwichworks

Kenny and Zuke's Sandwichworks is located on NW Thurman St. in Portland, Oregon. The sandwichworks location surfaced because, as a Jewishdeli, some types of sandwiches seemed "out of place." Here, different sandwiches like a Cubano, a torta, and even a meatball sub come to life. Cool Moon Ice Cream is a partner here, so you'll be able to get up to a dozen of their amazing ice cream flavors (in cones, dishes, and floats) along with your lunch!

NOTE: Since this Kenny and Zuke's location has a different menu, I am rating this separately from the deli in downtown Portland.

Cool Moon Ice Cream served here as well!
Menu (January 2012)

Here, I went with their "Anytime Special." For $7.95, I could get half a sandwich (pick from most of the sandwiches on the regular menu), plus a cup of soup. I tried the "Super Torta Puebla" this time: roasted pork, black beans, chorizo, avocado, cheese, mayo, and chipotle salsa on a hoagie roll. I told the ladies to 86 the mayo. The soup? Hungarian mushroom, of course!

"Anytime Special"
Half a Puebla Torta and Cup of Hungarian Mushroom Soup
(Kenny & Zuke's Sandwichworks)
The soup was outstanding, same as at the downtown deli location. Creamy, hearty, and intense mushroom flavor.

The sandwich was a success overall. The hoagie possessed that soft roll feel, yet refused to collapse in my hands. Great Mexican flare on the black beans, basically a chunky spread-like consistency on my sandwich. The creamy avocado makes it a more filling meal (woohoo unsaturated fats!). A healthy amount of juicy roasted pork slices. However, I didn't see any chorizo. Also, the cheese was still in its sliced form, which is OK with me here, but if only the Cuban Mixto was an option for the Anytime Special, then I'd have probably gotten that. Gooey cheese rules. Perhaps they can toast this torta to get the gooey cheese? If so, I'll do that next time.

The meatball sub also sounds good for when I go on that meatball sub bender.

In comparing the two sandwiches I had (one at the deli and one at the sandwichworks location), I'd go with the torta this time. Each have my little nitpicking concerns, but still awesome stuff. Again, probably a toasted sandwich away from an elite score. Try their sandwichworks location...get a sandwich here that you likely won't get at the deli! 8.25/10

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