Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hot Bikini Brew

Hot Bikini Brew is a small espresso food cart located at the corner of SE 6th and Madison in Portland, Oregon.

I first learned about Hot Bikini Brew through Kim and Phil, portrait/wedding photographers who run "Behind the Food Carts." They did a photo shoot of Hot Bikini Brew in early December 2011. It's an impressive site, with awesome photos! Check out their full site here!

Yup, still trudged through the slushy roads and sidewalks to get here!

Menu, side 1 (January 2012)
Menu, side 2 (January 2012)
Rosa Trujeque is the manager and co-owner at this drive-thru coffee establishment. As the name implies, the all-female staff -- including Rosa -- wear bikinis, even in the cold, slushy/snowy weather! I'm assuming the inside of the cart is very cozy...can't have frozen workers in there!

Being a bit of a rebel (OK, maybe not), I walked up to the counter after having taken photos from the back of the cart. Oops, no cell phones or picture taking. Eh, I didn't have it out at the ordering window anyway, right?

Anyway, Rosa was a model employee and co-owner, taking my order for a nonfat latte ($3).

12 oz. Nonfat Latte
(Hot Bikini Brew)
A soothing warm drink on a cold day is awesome, especially when there's a caffeine punch to jolt you awake. Unfortunately, the latte was mostly watered down, not much flavor. Guess there wasn't enough ground coffee in the drink for my tastes.

Yeah, I admit I'm also a sucker for any attractive girl in a bikini, so I'll likely get lured back anyway. See, there's something (er...someone) else out there that can control my actions just as much as food! Dang, such "evil" promoting and marketing...brilliant! 5/10 (that's just rating the drink, of course)

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