Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Santana Mexican Food

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Santana Mexican Food is located near SW 9th and Alder in downtown Portland, Oregon. This cart has been around since late summer 2011.

There are a lot of Mexican food carts in Portland, so it takes that extra step (hint: very spicy food option) to give me a little more incentive to head in that direction. Enter Santana's. Lorena is the lovely woman taking orders at the window. I don't speak much Spanish, and I found out that English isn't her first language. But no language barrier could deceive my observations.

At least a couple of customers who ordered before me were in a joyous mood, talking to Lorena in Spanish, and happily awaiting their food. Soon thereafter, other people stepped up to the window. Lorena smiled and acknowledged each person. I had no clue what to get; everything looked so good. Lorena just smiled and told me to take my time, no rush.

Menu (January 2012)
More menu items!
The different plate lunches caught my eye. Lorena said the fajitas ($6.50) sell very well, but the Wet Burrito ($7), a burrito covered in a mildly spiced red sauce and shredded cheese, is the most popular. My carnivorous side told me to get the beef fajitas. Beef, bell pepper, mushrooms, and onions are cooked on the flattop, served with a scoop of vegetables, Spanish rice, choice of red/pinto beans, and corn tortillas. Lorena asked if I wanted hot sauce (red, green, or habanero). Being the spice nut that I am, habanero all the way!

Beef Fajitas
The orange habanero sauce is in the small container!
(Santana's Mexican)
The beef was juicy, and the cooked vegetables retained a bit of crunch. The corn tortillas were separately wrapped in aluminum foil, perfectly steamed. The habanero salsa had an assertive fruitiness, and the heat lingered for a short time before dissipating. Overall, this was an abundance of food that didn't break my wallet into multiple pieces...huzzah!

The fajita plate takes a bit longer to prepare than other dishes, but Santana's offers tacos and burritos, should one be in a hurry. There are meat and vegetarian options that should cater to almost all customers. Check out Santana's ASAP! 7.5/10

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  1. Its very delicious my favorite was the tacos of asada very yummy best mexican food :D