Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crown Q BBQ

(NOTE: Crown Q is now a brick-and-mortar spot at 445 NE Killingsworth!)

Crown Q BBQ is a food cart located on SE 28th Ave in Portland, Oregon. It is fairly close to Reed College. After apparently closing for a while, Crown Q re-opened in late 2011.

Their smoker!
A smiling couple worked this food cart as I stopped by on a Friday, just around noon. The woman said they had pulled pork, chicken, and Louisiana hot links available, but the brisket wouldn't be ready for another three hours. No sweat, I'm cool with a pulled pork sandwich ($7) any day!

Crown Q's pulled pork sandwich ($7) has pulled pork, cole slaw, a rich, glazy KC-style BBQ sauce -- all that in between two small grilled, toasty buns.

Menu (January 2012)
Pulled Pork Sandwich (with slaw and BBQ sauce)
(Crown Q BBQ)
Likely one of my all-time favorite pictures!
How can I put this the right way? Holy pork, that was outstanding! By far some of the best pulled pork I've ever had. Smoky, juicy, and immaculately tender. The crunchy, colorful slaw had a pleasing slight kick to it. The sweet and tangy BBQ sauce blanketed the taste buds, but still allowed me to soak in all the other items on the plate. Even though the bun was toasted, it remained soft and foodgasmic.

Note, I scarfed all this down on an already-full belly. Imagine how many I'd eat on an empty stomach. Crown Q would love the outcome, that's for sure. One of those rare times where I'd actually enjoy hearing my wallet cry for mercy. I'm cruel, I know.

Initially, I felt $7 was pushing it a tad for the amount of food received. After noshing on that glorious sandwich, all such concerns vanished. I've only been to a few BBQ places in my life, but Crown Q only needed a few minutes to stamp its presence near the top. Check out Crown Q ASAP! 9/10

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