Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tabor (part 2)

(My initial review of Tabor in October 2011)

I returned to Tabor around mid-December 2011. I may not be a huge fan of a schnitzelwich, but I'll admit it was fine for what it was. This time, I wanted to try another dish, preferably hearty and speaks to Tabor's culinary point of view.

Menu (December 2011)
Look no further than the Bohemian Goulash ($7), a pork stew with Czech dumplings. It's a chuck beef stew with Hungarian paprika, tomato paste, beef stock, caraway seeds, and marjoram, among other ingredients.

Bohemian Goulash (Tabor)
Personally, again, I thought it was just OK in taste, not mind-blowing. I loved the color of the goulash, and the beef was amazingly tender. A very hearty meal indeed. I guess my palate cannot fully appreciate Czech food.

The dumplings were also just OK. They had a soft bread-like consistency, and I guess my Asian side expected something completely different. In all fairness, the dumplings are excellent to scoop up all the goulash sauce.

The execution was very good on all fronts. The taste was simply average (just a subjective thing, folks). It gets a slight bump up on my rating, but not by much. 6.5/10 (slight rating increase)

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