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Word of Mouth (Part 4)

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I returned to Word of Mouth for the second time within a five-week span for their breakfast specials. As I mentioned in my previous update, you can feast away on an awesome breakfast for $4.95 on the weekdays if you get there before 8 a.m. I came by on a Saturday this time, so no cheap breakfast meal. Instead, WOM has one special that runs all day, or until it sells out. More often than not, I'd say the latter occurs.

I might cut back on my "updates" to various places, preferring to check out new establishments over "updating" old ones. To be fair, I might try a place out more than once to get a better idea of the overall menu in the future. However, I felt this separate WOM post was warranted.

January 28, 2012, marked the debut of Word of Mouth's newest creation: a Cinnamon Roll Pancake breakfast. For $9.95, I got two fluffy cinnamon pancakes topped with a decadent cinnamon roll glazed icing, two eggs (requested overeasy), and a small bowl of fruit. While it's a breakfast special now, it should be making its way to the regular menu soon. (NOTE: The cinnamon roll pancakes are now on the permanent menu!)

The menu board on 1/28/12
"Delicious" doesn't begin to describe the awesomeness
It's not fair, I tell ya. It's just not fair. Becky and Steve must have some sort of ESP thing going on, knowing (at least one of) my weaknesses. You see, "cinnaholics" like myself must have cinnamon with them at all times. The mere sight of a "cinnamon" item on the menu puts me into a hypnotic state, with malicious intent to destroy said dish very quickly.

I'm likely considered armed (with utensils at the ready) and dangerous (don't try to take a bite of my cinnamon-laced food or get stabbed with the cinnaholic's fork). I'm injecting cinnamon, all right...straight into my mouth and down the gullet. You know how competitive eaters have nicknames? I'm not a CE, but if I had a nickname, "cinnaholic" (or some play on the word) would be a damn good choice.

From what I gathered, a lovely couple sitting across the dining area split the same Cinnamon Roll Pancake breakfast I ate (so I guess they each got one pancake, one egg, and a bit of fruit). They got their food as I waited for mine. I could hear their high praise of the meal, almost an inadvertent tease.

I restrained myself long enough to take a couple pictures of the food. The "before" shots, as people probably would say.

The entire Cinnamon Roll Pancake Breakfast
(Word of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro)
Two cinnamon roll pancakes with the amazing glaze
I'd guess it was about eight or so inches in diameter (I suck at measurements, though)
Two overeasy eggs and a small bowl of fruit
If I really wanted to channel the competitive eating monster, I'd be shoveling food in with my hands. But hey now, I should have some etiquette in public! Fork and knife, check! Napkin on lap, check! Woohoo, let's eat! Food, you're dead!

Each bite of pancake was incredible. Sweet, yes, but not overly so. The eggs were perfectly cooked, although in hindsight, I wish I just put the egg right on top of the pancakes before I dug in (my bad there). I completely blacked everything else out, pretty easy to do when there aren't many people in the bistro around 7 in the morning. I had water on the table, but didn't need it. It was a rather moderate, consistent pace for me. Yes, I refrained from picking up the small fruit bowl and tossing it down like a triple shot. In less than eight minutes, the "Massacre on 17th St." ended with a cinnaholic victory.

(EDIT: Actually, after watching the video (which I have since taken down), I finished in about 5 1/2 minutes. Faster than I thought. Call me a speed eater in training!)

With no more food, I zapped out of my trance, momentarily saddened that I couldn't have a tube pushing more of that epic meal onto my plate. Oh, by the way, the aforementioned couple was still enjoying their food. "Oh, um, sorry, I was just hungry. But it was awesome!"

The problem with having a large appetite? The stomach often gets confused. It still rumbled and grumbled for more food after I left. Hey stomach, that was your second breakfast already! Grr!

As far as service goes, Cassandra and Tirzah were on the ball. In fact, Tirzah quickly took my finished plate away before I could snap the "after" photos. It's not a big deal for me to get a picture anyway, so I didn't bother to request the plates stay at the table. No complaints. I love the service.

While my appetite refuses to back down and surrender, I'm waving the white flag to the Word of Mouth staff for now. Food coma is imminent, although it's probably more a hibernation at this point. Damn. Guess I'm not getting much studying today.

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