Sunday, January 15, 2012

Skewed Concoctions

Skewed Concoctions is located on SW 3rd between Stark and Washington in downtown Portland, Oregon. As one would imagine, the cart operators serve up various meats on skewers. They have been open since November 1, 2011.

Menu (early January 2012)

I bypassed the sides, opting for two of the cranberry chipotle glazed turkey skewers ($2 per skewer). The meats were grilled up to order, with the cranberry chipotle glaze on top, then wrapped in foil.

As a note, the combo meals are around $7 to $8. Two meat skewers, rice, salad, and choice of egg roll.or wonton (pork or veggie option). They also have Pad Thai (meat is $7 and vegetarian is $6) and Papaya Salad ($5).

Cranberry Chipotle Turkey Skewers
(Skewed Concoctions)
This was some of the moistest turkey I've ever had. Extremely juicy here. Unfortunately, there was no seasoning on the meat, putting a significant damper on the experience. The cranberry chipotle glaze did not possess any concentrated flavor or sticky, molasses-like traits. Instead, a runny, mostly bland sauce showed up at the party. While I detected faint tones of fruity cranberry, the chipotle must have hitchhiked out of Portland and into Washington state this time around.

A shame to have masterful grilling marred by seasoning and glaze problems. Perhaps I'll be back at some point anyway. 6/10

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