Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Aloha Grill

Ah yes, another Hawaiian food establishment. As always with these places, I can get harsh.

Aloha Grill is located in Tualatin, Oregon, and serves Hawaiian plate lunches. When I walked in the front door, I was immediately hit with local Hawaiian music and a bright decor. For a little while, the place made me feel like I was back in Hawaii. I think they went just a bit overboard with the Hawaiian flag on the wall. I get the point, we're supposed to be in Hawaii.

Aloha Grill has a pretty good menu. They have beef options (teriyaki beef, kalbi ribs, hamburger steak, and the famous loco moco), chicken options (teriyaki chicken, chicken katsu, etc.), pork dishes (kalua pork -- and even kalua pork with cabbage), and seafood plate lunches (garlic shrimp, mahi mahi, and fried shrimp). In the mood for noodles? They have yakisoba and saimin. Want some poi or poke? They have that too! Finally, you can get combination plates or their "Broke Da Mouth" Aloha Sandwiches.

The following pictures were taken by people who reviewed Aloha Grill on Yelp (a well-known website to review all types of places):

Spicy Teri Chicken!
When I went here a few months ago, I ordered their spicy teriyaki chicken with all vegetables on the side for $7.25. The plate was much like the one shown above, a straightforward presentation. The chicken had a great color on the outside and retained a bit of moisture on the inside. However, the chicken was not spicy at all, and I found myself adding sriracha -- a lot of it -- to amp up the heat. The veggies were cooked pretty well, but again, nothing to really write home about.

Aloha Grill deserves props for having an array of traditional Hawaiian plate lunch options, playing local Hawaiian music, and employing friendly staff. Certainly worth an above-average rating. 6.75/10

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