Monday, May 30, 2011

Costco Food Court

(Please also read part 2 -- June 2011)

Now for a place that you can find in many states: the Costco Food Court! I went to the one in Salem, Oregon.

I had to get groceries the other day and decided to get something from the food court. I've had just about everything on the menu, and on this particular day, I wanted frozen yogurt. So I got the vanilla-chocolate swirl for $1.35.

A huge portion indeed for $1.35, something you just expect at Costco. If I were to get this much frozen yogurt elsewhere, I could be paying upwards of $5 or $6.

The yogurt was creamy and just plain satisfying to my taste buds. Frozen yogurt soft-serve should not be hard, and this wasn't. It was cool, relaxing, and awesome.

I like Costco's Polish dog as well. For $1.50, you can get a nice Polish dog and a 20 oz. drink with free refills. Gotta love it. The bun is soft, the dog itself juicy and flavorful. Condiments? Yeah, you can get your usual toppings there -- I go with mustard.

The pizza is always fresh and the salad features crisp greens with the dressing on the side (just like I want it). The chicken bake and carne asada bake are both good as well.

You guys have no idea how many mocha freezes and berry smoothies I've downed from Costco. Yeah, it's a lot, and yeah, I lost count a long time ago.

It's a bit sad to think that I prefer Costco over many of the other places I've been to, but great quality and a great bargain are two factors you can't pass up.

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