Monday, May 30, 2011

Coffee Corner

Coffee Corner is a small coffee establishment on State Street in Salem, Oregon. You can either walk up to the counter or treat it like a drive-thru.

I had passed this place for months and had always intended to try one of their drinks. I just never got around to it until now. Recently, I got a decaf vanilla latte, with fat-free milk.

The latte was not bad. It was warm when I got it, but I do wish it was a bit hotter, temperature-wise. I got a hint of vanilla flavor, but the expresso in there produced the clear predominant flavor. I did hope for a little more balance to it, but oh well. Maybe I shoulda asked for a macchiato instead (expresso added to milk, so milk is more pronounced). Didn't see that on the regular menu, though. Or perhaps try a mocha.

So I guess I like my expresso drinks a bit sweeter. It must come from all those years of drinking mocha freezes at Costco.

Speaking of which, I could get a tastier latte/mocha freeze at Costco for a cheaper price than any hot or cold latte/mocha at Coffee Corner. Personally, this was not worth $2.50.

As a note, I think if coffee joints go out of business, they're either not advertising well or charging too high a price for their drinks. You can make coffee products for mere cents a cup. And if you are running your business out of a shack or some food cart, there should be fewer costs to deal with. Anyway, just had to go on a bit of a tangent there.

Coffee Corner has a good selection of drinks (raspberry-flavored anything intrigues me a lot). However, in the end, the high prices for these drinks and the quality of the vanilla latte (too lukewarm for me) make me question if getting another drink will lead to a better experience. 3/10

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