Friday, May 13, 2011


Saburo's, located in the Sellwood area of Portland, is a sushi house known for its gigantic portions. There may be no food challenges (to my knowledge) at Saburo's, but I felt like I just had to write a review on this place. After all, I love sushi, and if I had to have a last meal, one thing I would request is spicy tuna sushi with lots of wasabi.

First of all, Saburo's is only open for dinner, and they may close for a time during the Christmas holidays. Second, get to Saburo's early, preferably at least 15-20 minutes before the place opens. The line can get very long, and there are only so many tables to sit at. You don't want to be waiting too least I don't.

As you can see, Saburo's has generous portions of sushi. Their sashimi and spicy tuna salad were excellent. Being the adventurous eater I am, I did not hesitate to get the more exotic-looking choices as well. While there are a few choices that may not be as appetizing to many people, I thought they were all very good. The prices are very reasonable for the amount of food you receive. You will not leave here hungry, that's for sure!

A few drawbacks here, though (besides needing to get there early to beat the long line). First, I've been told by some staff members that you can only order once (since it would be best to expedite service by just moving on to the next table). To me, I can deal with it. Just err on the side of ordering too much. Second, they are only open for dinner. I'm telling you, if Saburo's opened for lunch as well, they may be taking in a bit more money. At least they generally open every day -- unless they announce in advance that the place will be closed for vacation or a holiday.

Overall, Saburo's is a phenomenal place. Even if you do have to wait, I say it's worth it for the sushi experience. I recommend this place to any sushi lover.

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